Why I See Me! Books Make the Best First Easter Gift

I’ve said it before, but there is just something so special about celebrating all of the first holidays with your little one.  I actually told my husband the other day that I was a little disappointed because we only have a few of Easton’s first holidays left!  He told me I was crazy and that they will just keep getting better as she gets older, but even though she won’t remember all these firsts, I will!  One thing I’ve done for these first holidays during her first year of her life has been to get her a keepsake of sorts for each one.  Something for us to pull out each year as each holiday arrives and to tell stories about so that in a way, she will remember them.  This is where I See Me! Books come in.

Easton’s Snuggle Bunny

I’ve seen personalized books advertised before, and thought they really were a cute idea. After all, what kid wouldn’t love reading a book about themselves?  I never had the chance to really look at one until I got the chance to try one out for Easton, thanks to I see Me! Books.  As soon as I got a chance to look at them, I knew that I had found a great first Easter present for Easton.  It is something that we can already use and read with her now, and it will be perfect for taking out each year around Easter and talking about our memories of her first time celebrating it.

 The book I chose to get her was the My Snuggle Bunny Hardcover book.  You can even add on your child’s very own plush snuggle bunny, which is so incredibly soft!  It is so sweet!  The book is a sweet rhyming book all about Easton’s snuggle bunny.  The illustrations are simple and sweet and it counts all the way to ten.  Perfect as a bedtime or anytime book for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

The Perfect Gift

I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the book and it is so special to read Easton’s Snuggle Bunny book to her while we snuggle with her own plush bunny before bedtime.  You even have the option to include a picture of your little on one the title page, as well as a dedication, which really makes it perfect for giving as a gift.  Plus, they have a ton of book choices and types to choose from.  They have more than just books, too!  You can also get personalized lunch boxes, puzzles, coloring books, placemats, stickers and growth charts!  They seriously would make the perfect gift for any kid and any occasion.  I can’t wait to pull out Easton’s Snuggle Bunny book each year and I know it will be so special to her as well.

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