Why Every Pumping Mom Needs a Simple Wishes Pump Bra

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When I first started pumping to build up a supply before heading back to work, I ‘d use the pumping bra my sister passed down to me.  It was hard to get on and seriously a pain. So, when I went back to work, I would just stick the flanges in my normal bra and try not to move.  I didn’t have time to put on my tricky hand-me-down pumping bra that barely fit over my clothes.  This unfortunately led to some terrible disasters.  If you are a breastfeeding or pumping mom, you know how precious every drop is!  Which is why I was so excited to find out about and try a Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra.

This pumping bra is amazing.  First of all, it’s soooo soft.  The old one I had was kinda scratchy.  Not this one!  It honestly feels good to put on and you can’t say that about many bras, period!  Another really cool thing about it is that it is one size fits all and adjustable.  This means that it can grow or shrink with your body as it changes post-pregnancy. So clever! It also comes with a strap to use for extra support.  I use it without the strap though and I’ve found it works great this way too.  It’s easy to put on and take off, fits easily in my pump bag that I take to work and holds the pump in place perfectly.  One less thing to worry about so you’re less likely to forget to screw a bag/bottle on (yes I’ve done this!) or anything else a sleep deprived, new mama is likely to do while pumping.

Seriously though, it is a lifesaver and would have definitely saved me from some unfortunate pumping disasters.  I thought it would be fun to share my pumping “horror story.”  That got me thinking…I’m sure every pumping mom has one too!  So, I reached out to some fellow mama bloggers and oh boy was I right!  Here’s my story along with a few other moms’ who definitely could have used a Simple Wishes Bra in their life.  Enjoy.

My Story

I was pumping during my lunch break at work, and all was well.  Then, I started to notice a warm feeling on my leg and stomach.  I assumed this was just the warmth of the milk in the bag touching me. Preoccupied with looking at something on my phone, I didn’t pay it much attention.  Fast forward about 10 minutes, and it was time to wrap up.

Here comes the kicker, I guess my bag wasn’t properly screwed in because when I looked down, I realized that all the milk that should have been in the bag on my left side was on my stomach and pants instead!!  It seriously looked like I had peed my pants, not to mentioned it was a waste of so much milk!  Thank goodness I had worn a long jacket to work that day, because I had to wear it the rest of the afternoon so my students didn’t think I had peed my pants!

Kirstin’s Story

I was standing up in a wedding as a bridesmaid for my good friend! I was exclusively breastfeeding my daughter and had to be away from her that day for over 12 hours! So of course the pump had to come with me. While getting ready with the girls getting our hair and makeup done I was able to sneak away into a private room to pump which was great! Later that night at the reception hall I had to sneak away again.

This time, there was no private area to pump so I was forced to go into the ladies restroom to pump. No couch or anything to sit on like a normal banquet halls bathroom so I had to go into the bathroom stall… gross! No music on, quiet as can be, and here I am with my loud pump in the stall! Of course there were women also in the bathroom listening which made it super uncomfortable. But not as uncomfortable as when I dropped the pump with the bottles and my breast milk went spilling EVERYWHERE on the floor… including the stall next to me floor! How embarrassing! Thankfully the women in the bathroom were super nice and thought it was very funny and even helped clean it up!

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Tineke’s Story

I guess my situation was quite luxurious in the sense that I work 4 days a week of which 2 from home. However, the days that I did go into the office were much more complicated. I have a very long commute to my office (2.5 hours) so I would leave the house a little before 7 AM and come back only after 8 PM. In the beginning I still did a morning feeding around 6 AM but once Lucas got a better sleep rhythm he wouldn’t wake up before 7 / 7:30 AM anymore meaning that I was not home for any of his feedings. Then my challenge was where and when to extract in the office or even on my way to the office.

When you have a baby, sleep is not a commodity anymore so there were some tradeoffs involved. This basically meant that I could choose between getting up 20 minutes earlier to extract milk or leaving my first pumping session for the commute… Yep, sleep is scarce so I chose the second option. So I would extract milk in the train under a huge scarf hoping and praying that the passenger sitting next to me would keep sleeping (advantage of the early morning train!) or working and at least not notice that something was moving under that scarf.

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Kim’s Story

When my first child was born, I returned to work after 11 weeks of maternity leave. Determined to keep nursing my son as long as he needed, I would bring my trusty pump and its plethora of parts to the school where I taught.

And here’s where it gets fun – I taught high school. I also taught in a suite of two classrooms connected by a heavy accordian-style curtain. A good friend taught next to me and knew my times to pump each day. Since there wasn’t a super safe, super sanitary place to do my thing, I barricaded myself in my classroom and placed a LARGE “Do Not Disturb” on my door.

However, this one day with my teacher friend busy elsewhere and the main door locked, I started my afternoon routine. Here I sat listening to the womp-womp of that blessed contraption and surfing the web lost in the mundane when the giant curtain opened suddenly and two high school boys ran through being silly. We all froze. When I realized I was busted, I literally dove – breast pump and all –under my desk.

As soon as the door opened, it closed again. My teacher friend apologized; I may have cried, but after that episode, I placed a large “Do Not Disturb” sign on the other side and my sweet friend stood guard.

We never spoke of the incident again. And, I pray I never run into those kids who may or may not have seen a little too much that day.

The things we do as moms. Pumping is not for the weak.

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Diedre’s Story

I’m a school counselor and after my maternity leave was over, I returned to work and pumped in my office. The nice thing about being a school counselor is that I have privacy to pump in my office. One day I forgot to lock my office door, and a teacher came in to talk with me about a student. I told her that I was busy and would talk to her later, and she said, “Oh, it’s okay, I’ll make it quick.” She proceeded to talk to me while I was pumping. Awkward!!! Thankfully the pump pieces were under my shirt, so I wasn’t exposed.  Needless to say, I couldn’t pump very much right then.
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