Printable Valentine’s Cards for Kids with Re-Play Recycled

I swear I always forget how fun Valentine’s Day is until Christmas is over! Now that my daughter is getting old enough to get into the fun of Valentine’s Day, I can’t stop thinking of all the great ways we can celebrate this year. I thought the perfect way to really give her a good idea of what the day is all about is to have her help me put together Valentine’s Day cards and goodies for all her little friends! So, I’m partnering with one of our favorite kids tableware brands,

Non-Food, Non-Candy, Allergen-Free Valentines with Re-play Recycled

Stress-Free Treats

As a former teacher, one thing that was always super tricky whenever we had our Valentine’s Day class party, or any party for that matter, was to make sure the kids in my class with allergies were safe. There are so many things I had to make sure were avoided and not given to them and I can’t imagine how stressful this gets for them and their parents to deal with on a regular basis. One easy way to make sure you don’t give a treat containing an allergen to your child’s friend or classmate is to avoid food and candy all together!

Re-Play Recycled Tableware Makes the Perfect Valentine

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day treat to give to your child or for them to give out to their friends, tableware!

I hope you have fun making these Valentine’s Day treats with your little ones! Any child who receives one will be thrilled! If you want to see a fun way I used Replay-Recycled for another holiday, check it out here! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you get to spend it with those you love!

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