Potty Training Tips with the Summer Infant My Size Potty Train and Transition

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Potty Training Tips for Stubborn Toddlers with Summer Infant My Size Potty Train and Transition

Parenting has a long list of of less-than-glamorous moments, and I’m sure you can agree, potty training ranks pretty high on that list! However, it’s a hurdle we will all need to overcome at some point in our toddler’s early years and we might as well try to make it as seamless as possible. I am currently right smack in the middle of potty training with my own toddler, so I thought it would be the perfect time to team up with Summer Infant to share my toilet training toddler trials and tribulations along with my top potty training tips I’ve learned about so far. I’m certainly no expert, but hopefully what I’ve learned so far can be of some help to you and your toddler as you begin your own potty training journey.

Picking A Potty – The My Size® Potty Train and Transition

A simple online search for a toilet training potty can leave you super overwhelmed with just how many choices are out there! Luckily, Summer Infant has created a potty that has exactly what your toddler needs to get comfortable with using the toilet. The My Size® Potty Train and Transition looks just like a miniature toilet! You know how your toddler is obsessed with copying everything you do? Well, they are going to love this little toilet that looks just like the real thing but is just their size and a lot less intimidating. On top of that, the My Size® Potty Train and Transition has so many neat features. My daughter’s favorite is the little handle that makes a real flushing sound. She loves being able to make the sound after she is successful at going on the potty. Another feature that I love is the built in wipes storage, because you can never find a package of wipes when you need them! The last really cool feature of this potty is the removable, cushioned seat which can be used as a seat insert when your toddler transitions to using the toilet. I love that it is soft and not hard like all the potty seats I’ve seen because your little one is probably going to be doing a lot of sitting when they start out with potty training! Plus, since it can also be used a seat insert on the toilet, that is one less piece of baby gear you will need to buy!

Potty Training Tips

Even with all the great included features, the My Size Potty Train and Transitions has a small footprint and will fit anywhere you need it to in your home. I’ve found that putting the potty out in common areas but still close to the bathroom as opposed to actually in the bathroom can be helpful when you first begin the potty training process. My daughter is constantly worried about missing out on the “action” and having the potty out where it is still close to everything else going on helps convince her she can still go and not miss anything. I plan to start transitioning her to going to the bathroom on the toilet by eventually putting the potty outside of the bathroom door, then inside of it, then just using the seat insert on the toilet (but we haven’t gotten that far yet!) When she is ready to actually start using the real toilet, the My Size Potty breaks down to store very easily.

Summer Infant My Size Potty Train and Transition


Because we started focusing on potty training right around Halloween, candy was abundant in our home and made for an easy incentive when my daughter was successful. She has a sweet tooth (like her mama!) so candy was a great motivator for her. However, I’ll admit that before I had my daughter, I’d never have thought I’d be ok resorting to using rewards and candy to potty train my daughter. This was before I had a toddler of my own and knew just how strong willed and defiant they can be when they want to! Then my daughter came along and changed everything I ever naively believed about child-rearing. Now I know that using rewards isn’t the end of the reward if that is what you little one responds too. If it helps keep you sane and encourage your child, I say “go for it!” If candy isn’t your thing, you can try a sticker chart or work towards a reward. Think about what motivates your child and choose accordingly. Is it getting to go somewhere special with you? Get to watch a special show or movie? The options are endless.

Potty Training tips for stubborn toddlers

Timing and Knowing Your Kid

So, Karen from your mom group on Facebook had her precious little one fully potty trained at 6 months by watching their “cues”. You go, Karen! I’m not Karen and my daughter was not ready at 6 months, 12 months, or even 18 months. Although she’d sit and go here and there, she just wasn’t ready until recently (she’s currently 26 months) so we didn’t push it! If your little one isn’t ready, it is just going to be stressful for everyone. If there is one thing toddlers will always win at, it’s power struggles! So, if you try and they aren’t having it, give it a few weeks then give it another go! Another note about timing- if you have any major live events or travel coming up, you’ll probably want to wait as well.

Pick a stretch of time where you can really commit to potty training your toddler and give it your all. A lot of moms I’ve talked to recommend dedicating a weekend to not leaving home at all, letting your child run around with no pants on to make it easy to go at a moments notice, and just going for it. We have yet to have a weekend where we can do this. But we finally have a weekend coming up where we have no plans and can fully commit to saying goodbye to the pull-ups and giving the potty as the only option so she can really feel comfortable and in control of using the toilet. I am confident that my toddler can be successful using the toilet and the Summer Infant My Size Potty Train and Transition is going to help us get there!

Potty Training a toddler with the Summer Infant My Size Potty


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