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Pregnancy is a time of planning and preparations. Even if this is not your first pregnancy, the birthing process if probably one of those things you are already thinking a lot about and planning already. If you are interested in having an empowered birth, you may have heard of the power of positive birth affirmations to have and read during the labor and birthing process.

I’ll share why I think having a set of birth affirmations can be beneficial to anyone hoping to have a positive labor and birthing experience, even if it is not your goal to have a natural or unmedicated birth. Plus, you can grab my totally free set of 30 affirmation cards to print and use for your own labor!

What Are Birth Affirmations?

You’ve most likely heard of or come across affirmations before. If you haven’t, here is my take on what they are and what they do. Affirmations are positive thoughts or statements used to help train your brain or body to responding to some event in a particular way. People may use affirmations to keep a positive outlook on life, achieve a goal or just become a more mindful person. Affirmations are usually short statements that are read and sometimes repeated, in an effort to “teach” your subconscious to associate certain thoughts with certain events.

Birth affirmations are statements repeated leading up to and during the labor process in order to have a better birthing experience. Even if you haven’t been through it yourself, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard someone’s birth story. Labor is an experience like no other and each one is unique. And while nothing can completely prepare you for your labor and birth, birth affirmations are used to help prepare your mind for what will be a life changing experience.

How Positive Birth Affirmations Can Help You Achieve a Natural Birth


Birth affirmations are especially common in the practice of Hypnobirthing. The hope of hypnobirthing is, in their own words, that “in the absence of fear and tension, or special medical circumstances, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labor.”

I know a little about Hypnobirthing because my husband and I went through the training before having our own daughter. If you are interested in having a natural labor or a labor free from as much medical intervention as possible, I highly recommend checking it out for yourself! It taught me so much about the entire process of labor and how amazing a woman’s body is! Although I wouldn’t classify my 48 hour labor as “pain free”, it was certainly an empowering and beautiful experience and I can attribute a lot of that to what I learned from the Hypnobirthing course. You can read more about my natural birth in a hospital here.

While pregnant with my daughter and taking the Hypnobirthing course with my husband to prepare for the birth of my daughter, I wanted to do all I could to mentally and physically prepare for labor. I knew it was probably going to be the hardest thing I had ever done and oh man, was I ever right! I was doing a lot to prepare my body physically- taking prenatal yoga classes, going on walks everyday, taking prenatal vitamins, eating healthy, nourishing foods and even getting acupuncture regularly! I tend to be an over thinker so I knew that the mental obstacles of labor would probably be just as, if not more challenging than the physical aspect.

Preparing for Labor Mentally

One of the ways recommended to me to mentally prepare for labor by my Hypnobirthing instructor was to watch lots of positive, empowering birthing videos on Youtube. I highly recommend this! Another tip she gave was to create my own positive birth affirmation cards using some of the affirmations from class and to make up some of my own. So, being the star student I’ve always been, wink-wink, I did just that! I couldn’t find any pretty affirmation cards that appealed to me so, I made my own!

In the weeks leading up to my daughter’s birth, I made it a point to read through my birth affirmations each night before I went to bed. It became a comforting routine for me as I inched closer to my labor and birthing day. It was my plan to be able to read these throughout my labor, whenever I needed a little extra reassurance that I was strong and capable of bringing my daughter into this world. Here’s what actually happened though…

Although I did read my cards while I labored at home and I did bring them with me to the hospital, I didn’t end up reading them in the hospital! At that point I had been in labor a little over a day already and just got too consumed with working through my intense contractions to remember I had wanted to read them again. But, I don’t regret a thing! I am still so glad I made my cards as I think it was the reading through them each night that was the most beneficial anyways. I will totally be breaking them out again the next time I am pregnant!

Free printable birth affirmation cards
I laminated my affirmation cards before punching a hole and putting them on a binder ring.

Free Printable Birth Affirmation Cards

When I started creating my birth affirmations, I knew that I wanted to create cards that were beautiful, portable and spoke to me. I chose some of the affirmations provided by the Hypnobirthing course, some I had seen from other birth material I had read and some I worded myself.

If you want these to be super portable and last, I suggest using a mini laminating machine like this one to laminate each card, then punch a hole in the corner and put them on a binder bring. That way they will be easy to grab and will stay together.

Look through the cards each day as you get closer to the birth of your little one and remind yourself that you are more than capable of bringing your little one into this world! The empowering words will help you feel confident and give you peace of mind knowing that you are strong and amazing and can have the kind of birth you really want.

Click Below to Download 30 Free Positive Birth Affirmations

I hope you have the type of birth you have always imagined for yourself and if you don’t, I hope you can be at peace with whatever birth you did have, because every birth is beautiful in their own way!

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