Port Discovery with a Toddler

*Passes to museum were complimentary, however all opinions remain entirely my own*

Port Discovery Children's Museum


Last month we decided to break up the winter monotony and take a little mini family getaway! We live about an hour away from Baltimore so we figured it would be perfect for our car hating toddler. Far enough away to be exciting but short enough of a drive that we wouldn’t go crazy. There is a lot to do and see in Baltimore, so we booked a hotel room for night, packed our bags and headed to Charm City for a winter weekend vacay. One of the things I knew I definitely wanted to do in Baltimore was take Easton to Port Discovery Children’s Museum.

Port Discovery Children’s Museum

I had heard of Port Discovery from various mom friends, family members and local bloggers I follow, and it sounded great! So, it was the first thing we added to our “must do” list for our trip. If you have a toddler or preschooler, you know the magic that is a children’s museum. All the interactive stuff their little hearts could possibly desire. These gems are amazing for parents and little ones alike! Plus, chances are your kid will take an amazing nap afterwards!!

Port Discovery is not your normal children’s museum. It’s SO much more! With three floors full of exhibits geared towards kids of all ages, you an easily spend a few hours here. We had a blast taking our 18 month old and I wanted to share some things learned that I think will help make you have the best visit ever if you are able to go – and you really should! Here they are!

port discovery children's museum


My daughter has never been one to fall asleep in the car easily or just be able to nap on the go. So, we typically try to work our schedules around her one afternoon nap, which allows for a happy toddler and in return, happy parents! The day that we were visiting, Port Discovery was opening at 10. Since it was a weekend, and we knew it would get busy, we made sure to get there right at opening. That way we could get a few hours in before lunch and nap time.

Something else to keep in mind with timing, especially if you are visiting with toddlers, is making sure you choose a date that doesn’t have other special events planned. Port Discovery has a ton of great special events throughout the year, and while you may be able to get discounted admission, it might not be worth it if it will be extremely crowded. We almost visited on another weekend but found out that it was the same date as their Lunar New Year Celebration, which is one of the most crowded days of the year! We knew that would be way to overwhelming with a little one, so we opted to go a different day and I’m so glad we did!

Bring ALL The Things

I hate being unprepared and thinking “If I had just…” so I tend to over pack when we go on trips or go to new places with Easton. My diaper bag fits a lot but it’s not something I wanted to lug around while trying to interact and play with my toddler in the museum. Plus, we all had heavy winter coats being that we went in the middle of February! Thankfully, you can be a serious over packer and not have to worry because Port Discovery has lockers for rent! It was really nice to be able to shove all of our stuff and jackets into a locker and be able to return to it throughout our visit when it was time for a drink, snack or diaper change. Just be sure to bring some quarters for your locker rental!

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

I feel like parents often have tendency to rush their kids through activities when we are out and about, myself included. I’ve been really trying to be more present though and let my daughter take the lead! Yes, she is only 18 months, but she is a person with her own personality and likes and dislikes. Let your kid take the lead and try not to rush them! And don’t take yourself too seriously. Wear comfy clothes and plan to get down and dirty 🙂 It will make for a better experience for everyone if you go in with a relaxed mindset and the only goal being to enjoy spending quality time with your little one!

A Perfect Family Day Trip

If you live within driving distance of Port Discovery or plan to be in or around Baltimore, I highly recommend making the trip to Port Discovery Children’s Museum! Not many places are so accommodating for children of all ages and I guarantee you will make amazing memories with your family. Plan ahead, check the calendar, and you’ll have a great time with your toddler!

port discovery children's museum

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