On the Go Mama Gear – Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag and Wet Bag Review

The summer is flying by! We have been on the go so much and now that my daughter is almost two, I’ve learned my lesson about being prepared for anything on our little day adventures! It only took not having enough wipes and a change of clothes once for me to learn my mistake. Now, I always make sure to leave home prepared! Whether we are headed to the pool, the lake, the park or just the library, I feel like I always need back ups for if the “what-ifs” happen, and they usually do! Thankfully, I’ve had my Itzy Ritzy diaper bag and wet bag to help us out and carry ALL THE THINGS while also staying super organized.

Itzy Ritzy Boss Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is an organized mom’s dream! With pockets and zippers galore, there is space and a place for everything you might need on your little adventures. Plus, the pockets are made out of mesh so you can actually see what is inside of them! Another great feature of this bag is that the zipper goes all the way around, meaning you can completely open the bag for even better access to what is inside. Your bag won’t become a bottomless pit like some backpacks can. I know that in  some of the diaper bags I’ve used in the past, stuff would always get smushed down at the very bottom and I’d forget what was even in them! I don’t have this problem with this bag because I can always see everything inside of it.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I prefer to use backpack style diaper bags most of the time. I will use an over the shoulder or handle type bag occasionally, but when I’m out and about with a quick toddler, I just find it to be the easiest to have a backpack that lets me swoop up my daughter at any given second- you know what I’m talking about, toddler moms! An added bonus to this bag is that the backpack straps are padded so it is very comfortable to wear. Plus, this bag is so lightweight. Some diaper bags that I’ve tried out are kind of heavy even without having anything inside of them. So, by the time it has everything you need in it, it can feel more like a bag of bricks!

This bag has so many great little bonus features! Here is a quick overview of some of my favorites:

  • Included diaper changing pad which is stored in its own little zippered compartment in the back
  • Small insulated pocket for keeping a toddler’s drink or snack cool
  • Drink holder big enough to hold an adult size water bottle
  • Felt lined valuables pocket on top with a zipper to keep cell phone, keys, etc. in
  • Removable stroller/shopping cart straps- love these!
  • Rubber bottom – another great feature you never realized you needed!
  • Plenty of pockets

Let’s not forget how darn cute this bag is! I love how fun and colorful it is and how cute is the vegan leather tassle! If the bright and color pattern isn’t your thing, the Boss Diaper Bag also comes in some other more sleek and modern designs which are also gorgeous.

Travel Happens Large Sealed Wet Bag

This wet bag is the on the go toddler and baby product you never realized you needed! I have some other smaller wet bags that are a little more flimsy that have been ok but this wet bag is amazing! If you use cloth diapers then you are probably familiar with using wet bags to store soiled diapers in between washes, but they can really be used for so much more! Wet bags are perfect for storing wet clothes and towels or keeping things safe and dry like when you are at the pool or beach. I love to use them for bringing a dry change of clothes to the pool, then when we change my daughter into her dry clothes, her wet swimsuit goes into this bag. It works great!

Things that make this wet bag awesome are:

  • It’s huge!
  • It folds up to be very compact so it is easy to bring with you while out and about
  • It comes in the cutest designs
  • It has a strap that can be unsnapped to attach it onto something or to hang it up with
  • Zipper for keeping things contained

This is a great product to keep in your diaper bag or just in your car for those “just in case” moments. Plus, it is machine washable so after you use it contain those messes, just toss it in the wash!

On the Go with Itzy Ritzy Products

Both the Boss Diaper Bag and Travel Happens Wet Bag have been awesome additions to my summer adventures with my toddler! I know that we will continue to find new great uses for them even when summer is over. I love that this company has created products with real moms and families in mind, all while making them cute and stylish! I can’t wait to see what awesome products they come out with next.

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