Nursing Friendly Styles for Summer

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I never really considered myself to be that stylish, but I think I at least look put together the majority of the time.  It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t necessarily be wearing my same clothes once I had my daughter and was done wearing maternity outfits.  It’s true it was taking longer than I expected to return to the size and shape I was pre-baby. I mean, wasn’t all that baby weight supposed to be magically falling off because I was breastfeeding?! (Still waiting on that to happen by the way! ) No, it wasn’t that.  A lot of my old wardrobe is simply not wearable at the moment because I can’t breastfeed easily in it! If I can’t start breastfeeding my screaming baby in less than approximately 10 seconds while wearing it, it doesn’t make the cut!

If you decide to nurse your baby, no matter how you feel about it, the truth of the matter is you will end up breastfeeding in public in some form or fashion.  There will be a time, especially in those early newborn days, that you will need to feed or soothe your screaming little bundle of joy at a moments notice, regardless of where you are.  Personally, I believe you should be able to nurse wherever and whenever you please, however, that doesn’t mean that I want to be exposed or uncomfortable because of it.  Especially as a new mom , it is important to me to have clothing that is easy to manage breastfeeding in, while still being able to remain modest and comfortable.  Unfortunately, a lot of my wardrobe didn’t fit in this category. That’s where Pink Blush came to the rescue!

breastfeeding friendly style

When I was pregnant with Easton, Pink Blush was recommend to me by a friend and I instantly fell in love with their cute maternity clothes.  They have the sweetest styles and they are actually affordable, unlike a lot of other maternity clothes I came across.  A total win-win!  So, it was amazing news when I found out that they also carried a lot of nursing friendly women’s clothing as well!  The two dresses I recently got to try out are just what I needed this summer! Cute and stylish? Check! Breastfeeding friendly? Check!  Now I can feel a little more put together, and heck, maybe even a little stylish, and all while nursing on the go!  A total mom win for sure!

breastfeeding friendly style

Both of the dresses I got are great for nursing because they are v-neck styles.  The first one is a high-low dress with a gorgeous floral print which makes it good for those summer parties.  I paired it with nice sandals and wore it to an engagement party that I had Easton in tow for and I felt great in it!

The next dress is a light weight navy sundress that is perfect for everyday.  I paired it with my converse slip-ons and a baseball hat.

breastfeeding friendly style

Both of these Pink Blush dresses are just what I needed to add to my wardrobe to make it more breastfeeding friendly! I will definitely be looking to Pink Blush again for keeping my wardrobe practical and stylish at the same time.

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  1. Easy nursing clothes are so important for a successful breastfeeding journey, especially for first time mamas!

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