Mornings Made Easy with Beddy’s All In One Zip-Up Bedding

zip up Beddy's Beds Bedding


I heard somewhere that making your bed each morning can help to start your day of right and make you more productive. I love the idea of that but it is easier said than done in my opinion. The same as most things when you live with a toddler! When I found out about fun bedding sets and their unique all-in-one bedding that zips up in seconds, I was instantly sold!

zip-up bedding system

What is a Beddy’s Bed System?

Beddy’s, pronounced, “bed-ease” is a comforter and fitted sheet all-in-one! My husband and I ditched our flat sheet a while back because we would always wake up in the morning with it tangled down around our feet and we were totally over it. Apparently it’s a millennial thing to not use a fitted sheet but it just works better in my opinion!

Ok, back to what Beddy’s is! This unique bedding system includes a fitted sheet with a zipper and attached comforter. You can choose from a cozy, minky-lined comforter or you can forgo the minky lining and just stick with the cotton comforter, which is what we did. My husband runs hot at night so I knew we were better off with less material, even though I think it would be really nice to have, especially in the winter months. It also comes with matching shams and pillow cases (the number it comes with will depend on the size of your bedding set.)

The genius part of this bedding set is that the comforter zips onto the fitted sheet part. This means when you wake up and it’s time to make the bed, you just zip it up! It literally takes seconds! You may be worried that this will cause you problems with your comfort while sleeping or that you might feel restricted because it is attached by the zippers, but fear not! Because it attaches at two parts at the bottom of the fitted sheet, each side can be unzipped however much you want if you’re like me and you need to stick a foot or two out of the sheets at night. Another thing we were worried about at first was that the comforter wouldn’t be large enough but there are little flaps that extend from the sides when unzipped in order to make the actual size of the comforter bigger for more coverage.

making mornings easier

Why Do You Need a Beddy’s Bed Set?

It may sound silly but as a mom it’s the little things that make life easier or simpler that I really appreciate! I used to look at my bed in the morning at the jumbled mess of the comforter and just think, “Eh, I’ll just leave it. What’s the point?” but now I think “It will literally only take 10 seconds to make my bed look nice, neat and clean!” and it helps me start my day off on the right foot.

We have a king bed and but Beddy’s sets come in twin, full and queen sizes as well. They are absolutely perfect for little ones (or teens!) who can have a hard time trying to get their beds made. All it takes is a zip and their bed is made and their room is instantly looking cleaner. The prints and colors they come in are stylish and adorable. Plus, the whole set is completely machine washable! So darn easy!

making mornings easier with zip-up bedding

I absolutely love our Beddy’s zip-up bedding and I know we will be getting more in our future! It’s my favorite bedding we’ve tried to date and it makes my mama life just a little bit easier. Check out all their fun bedding sets as well as other bedding products and make your mornings a little easier too.

Beddy's All In One zip-up bedding

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