Moe’s For All: Making Mealtime Easy for Moms and Families

     eating out at Moe's as a vegetarian This post is sponsored Moe’s Southwest Grill; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’ve always enjoyed making and eating home cooked meals. But honestly, being a toddler mom leaves me a little, ok A LOT drained some days and eating out is always a very welcomed change of pace around here. When I’ve had a busy day with my daughter or my husband has had a long day at work and neither of us feel like cooking and cleaning up the mess that comes along with it, we’ll often head out to a quick, casual meal someplace like Moe’s Southwest Grill!

Something for the Whole Family!

Picking a place where all three of us can be happy with our different food preferences isn’t always easy! My husband is the least difficult one- he eats meat, likes most types of cuisine and overall isn’t very picky. He is easy to please! My daughter and I are a little trickier! I was raised a pescatarian, since a young age, which means I eat fish but no other meat. These days, I prefer to get most of my protein from plant-based sources but I will eat fish on occasion. We are raising our daughter the same way. However, she’s also extremely picky! We’re talking she will go crazy about a food one day and despise it the next. I guess that’s a typical toddler for you! So, when it comes to finding a place that we’re all happy with and as a mom, I can feel good about, it’s not so easy to do! Thankfully, we have a Moe’s nearby!

Moe's For All- Moe's has choices for pescatarians and vegetarians

Moe’s is For Vegetarians

I’ve been a Moe’s fan  for a long time now! There was one in the town where I went to college and I remember going there with a friend to check it out for the first time. I couldn’t believe that I could actually I could get a burrito with more than just veggies in it! They had tofu as a protein option and I was blown away! This was before it was “cool” or “trendy” to eat tofu! Moe’s was ahead of the curve with their options for everyone and I have always appreciated that.

If you eat meat, you probably won’t understand why this is a big deal. Growing up not eating meat, I got used to having to order a salad with a side of fries as my meal when there weren’t any other meat-free options at a restaurant. It was pretty typical to go somewhere and not find anything I could eat on a menu without having to ask them to modify it for me. You feel like a burden when you have to do this, and it gets old fast. So, you can imagine my relief finding a place like Moe’s where your dietary preferences aren’t treated as a burden and instead they are celebrated!

Moe's is for All: Kids love Moe's too

Choices Galore

Moe’s really is a fantastic choice for anyone and everyone. With each and every meal made-to-order, right in front of you, your meal is 100 percent customizable! Hate tomatoes? Leave them out! Love cheese? Ask for extra! Whatever your heart desires, Moe’s is happy to help. Each locally owned and operated Moe’s restaurant offers overs 20 fresh and flavorful ingredients to customize your southwest inspired meal. I like to switch up what I get and I love that I actually have options available to me as pescatarian.

Moe's Southwest Grill is for All

Although I love to take advantage of the fact that I can actually order different selections off the menu, my go-to meal is the Homewrecker Burrito with tofu. I love adding in extra guac and cheese. My mouth is watering thinking about how fresh and delicious it is! Plus, you cannot forget Moe’s amazing, freshly made, crispy tortilla chips! I love to get a side of the yummy, free salsa they provide, but we always make sure to get their delicious, creamy, white queso too! It’s to die for! It’s also amazing drizzled over your burrito! Other tasty menu selections include salads, tacos and quesadillas. I’ve had it all and it’s all delicious!

Moe’s Will Always Be Our Go-To!

As a mom of a picky toddler, Moe’s is for me. As someone who doesn’t eat meat, Moe’s if for me. As a lover of fresh, quality food, Moe’s is for me. If you have dietary restrictions, or just really love great food, then Moe’s is for you too! I know a lot of people in my circle of family and friends who can’t eat certain things because of conditions or allergies or just have certain preferences when it comes to food, and I can’t think of any one of them who wouldn’t be able to find something to eat at Moe’s. If you’ve ever been to a Moe’s Southwest Grill then you know that when you walk in they shout, “Welcome to Moe’s!” and I can say that they really mean it! Everyone is welcome at Moe’s, regardless of what they like to eat in their tacos or leave out of their burritos. Moe’s is for all and you’ll love their fun, inviting atmosphere for your next meal. In fact, writing all about how delicious Moe’s is has got me thinking… I’m not cooking dinner tonight. Instead, I think I’ll head to Moe’s!

Moe's Southwest Grill is for vegetarians

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