5 Things to Make Pumping at Work Less of a Chore

Tips for Pumping at work

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I’ve been back at work for a little over a month now.  Even though I am in a fog of sleepiness the majority of the day, things are starting to get a little easier.  One thing that had a huge learning curve for me when I went back was having to pump three times a day.  I plan on giving Easton breast milk as long as I can so pumping at work is a necessity for me.  However, it is something that has not come without its challenges.  I’m really not a fan of having to haul my pump to and from work, clean the parts, pack and unpack a cooler bag, and all the other annoying stuff it requires each day.  It is the last thing I want to think about, especially when I’d much rather just be spending time with my little girl after a long day of work.

The bottom line is, pumping while I am at work and away from my baby is what I feel is best for her.  So, I’ve found a couple of things that make pumping at work a little less of a chore and dare I say even a little enjoyable?!

1. A stylish and practical pump bag is at the top of my list. This cute Sarah Wells bag to be specific. I honestly went back and forth about whether or not to splurge on a nice pump bag and I am so glad I did. (It really isn’t a huge splurge!)  Having a good pump bag that has a convenient little side compartment that unzips makes life so much easier when pumping.  I can’t imagine how much more of a hassle it would be if I had to take the pump out of the bag and put it back in every time.  Plus, it has insulated compartments and zippered pouches to keep you organized.  This one is big enough to hold other things in it as well, so you aren’t the crazy bag lady!

2. Yummy lactation treats are next up on my list of things to make pumping at work less of a chore.  I love that I can feel like I am indulging in a treat while helping my milk supply at the same time!  Milky Mama Lactation Treats and Teas are my go-to lactation boosting snacks.  The cookies and Tropical Iced Tea are my two absolute favorites!  They are delicious.

3. I was never a huge podcast fan until having to pump at work and now I’m hooked!  It is a great way to make the time fly by!  Sometimes I even find myself even being disappointed that a pumping session is over because I want to keep listening!  There is a podcast for pretty much everyone out there in an genre you can imagine!

4. A cozy blanket is a must for pumping.  The temperature of the room I pump in at the school where I work is always different!  It makes it so much more comfortable and cozy to have a blanket.  Plus, the door doesn’t lock, so it doubles as a cover-up!

5. A good water bottle is another thing I can’t live without when pumping. I get so thirsty when I pump or nurse so I always make sure to have a water bottle nearby.  This Contigo water bottle is my favorite.  I love that I can put it in the lock position so I can just toss it in my pump bag and go, and it is so easy to drink with one hand because of the straw.  Perfect for multi-tasking mamas!


With all of these things and pictures of my little girl, pumping sessions really do fly by and aren’t so much of a chore.  I am just happy that I am able to meet her needs, even when I have to be working and I am so thankful for that!  What are your favorite pumping essentials?

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