Life Lately: October 2017

  I haven’t done a “life lately” post since July, so I thought it was about time! It’s a bit scary, but mostly fun to get a little personal here. I’ve been making some amazing mama connections thanks to blogging and social media lately and it has been so rewarding to put myself out there and get these wonderful relationships in return. So, I’m really trying to be more intentional about it and hope that even if we don’t talk, that me sharing a little of my life can help out at least another mama feel some kind of connection and support in her journey of motherhood as she reads about mine.

Pick Your Own Fun

Earlier this month we made a quick trip to a pick-your-own apple orchard not far from us that we like. We took Easton apple picking when she was just a couple weeks old last year so it was fun to do it again now that she can actually eat apples! She had a blast wandering around the rows of apple trees and eating an apple covered in dirt that she kept dropping! lol Of course we had to do some baking with all the apples too. My absolute favorite thing has been these delicious Whole Wheat Apple Waffles I posted about last year. If you love waffles you have got to try them. I will actually just eat them plain, no butter, no syrup because they are that good!

Thank goodness the weather finally decided to cooperate and give us some fall like weather here in Maryland! I must say, I am already missing that I could go on a walk with Easton and our pup Lucy in the mornings without bundling up, but I’ll talk chilly mornings if it means cool, crisp fall days. Since the weather decided to get it together, we decided to take Easton on her first official pumpkin picking trip at a local farm. It is just a few minutes from us and since we’ve been living in this house it’s been our go-to spot for pumpkins in the fall, Christmas trees in the winter and strawberries in the summer. It’s just a tiny, low-key place but I really enjoy going there each season.

When we took Easton to the same farm last year to get a pumpkin but she was only a few weeks old so she slept through it, and we didn’t pick it from the patch, just grabbed it from the pre-picked section. So, this time we got to do the adorable little hayride through the farm that ends in the pumpkin patch. She had fun walking around the pumpkins and we had fun taking a million pictures of her while she did it. Overall, it was a success! We can’t wait to take her back next year when she can really understand and get into it.

In other October news, I started a new work-from home job for this awesome mom-friendly start-up called Mac & Mia! It is a service that is very similar to Stitch Fix, but for babies, toddlers and kids! It’s genius, really! If you love dressing you little one in adorable clothes, but aren’t such a fan of all the things that could go along with bringing them shopping for clothes, then this service is absolutely for you! I’m a little obsessed with baby clothes, especially when they look like mini adult clothes! There is just something irresistible about a baby or toddler dressed in trendy clothes that I would wear myself.

A New Job

So, when I stumbled across the opportunity as a stylist with Mac & Mia I was so excited. Really, dreaming up baby outfits is something I do anyways, so now I can make some money doing it! Since deciding to leave my teaching job to stay home with Easton, finances have definitely become more complicated, so I’m extremely thankful for this awesome opportunity. I’d LOVE for you to check out Mac & Mia, try out a box and let all your baby clothes loving friends about it too. They have an amazing referral program FYI! I’ll be sharing more about this awesome service soon, but I was just too excited about it to wait 🙂

That’s been our October so far and I just can’t wait for the rest of the fun the fall season has in store for my little family! What have you been up to so far this fall?



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