Life Lately July 2017

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How have I been home with my baby for three weeks already?! The time has seriously flown by and I am loving every second.  You might remember from my post a few months ago that I decided to take family leave from my full-time job teaching for a few years in order to stay home with Easton.  I don’t usually just write about such personal matters in my life but so many people reached out to me saying they could relate to my struggle and I felt like even if it touched a few people, it’s worth getting personal every now and then! So, that’s what I’m going to do! I’d like to share a little more of my “real life” here in blog-land.  Not exactly sure what that means but we’ll see where it goes!

  So, these past few weeks that I’ve gotten to stay home with Easton have been wonderful and exhausting but mostly amazing! I’m really just trying to soak up every second with her, but we are still figuring out our daily schedule and I’m trying to figure out how much I can get done during the day with a 10-month old in tow!  Spoiler alert: Not much!  One thing that does help is that I have finally mastered getting Easton in and out of a back carry with my soft-structured carrier all by myself. (I have this one)  This is a HUGE babywearing milestone for me!

Before I even had Easton I was sure I’d be able to get SO much stuff done by just wearing her all day and she’d just fall asleep while I was wearing her and I would be a multi-tasking super mom.  HAH! I realized pretty soon this would not be the case with my little firecracker.  She has yet to fall asleep while I’ve been wearing her.  There were a couple of times in her first weeks that I successfully transferred her to a wrap or carrier after she’d fallen asleep, but those days are long gone. Now that I can wear her on my back it makes getting stuff done a little easier and she really likes it.  Might be because she likes eating my hair… but she likes it regardless! So, there’s that!

Easton just turned 10 months this past weekend and she does not stop!  I’ve lovingly nicknamed her the energizer bunny.  She has started saying “mama” and “dada” but “mama” definitely came first!  I win! 😉 She is so close to walking and always wants to be standing. I never realized how many sharp corners and edges our house had before!  I really just feel the urge to bubble wrap everything.  When she’s not wanting to be walking around, she’s wanting to be held.  God forbid I move more than one foot from her or even worse, try to set her down in her play pen for a split second.  I mean it’s flattering and all, but when does a girl get to pee?!

Lots of fun stuff coming up these next few weeks for us!  An engagement party, a family vacation to the Outer Banks, my husband’s big 3-0 and before we know it our baby girl’s first birthday!  I can’t believe it!  Just hoping to enjoy these long summer days and get into a routine!


Holly B Baking Life Lately July 2017
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