Keeping Your Toddler Involved with the Little Partners Learning Tower

We were recently lucky enough to receive a learning tower from Little Partners for review purposes and it couldn’t have come at a better time for this toddler and her mama! I recently came across a social media post that was getting a lot of shares. It was a hypothetical letter from a toddler, explaining why they can often be seen as difficult and hard to manage. The touching part of the letter explained that it’s not that they want to be bad or hard to deal with. The truth is, life can be frustrating for toddlers! We expect so much of them, yet rarely give them the time, tools or support they need to accomplish much. They really just want to be involved and feel so much pride when we let them show us what they are capable of. That’s why the Little Partners Learning Tower has already been the source of many magical moments in our kitchen!

Benefits of a Learning Tower

If you are familiar with the Montessori method at all, you know that it talks about the importance of making the world accessible to children. To allow them to be involved in everyday tasks around the home brings them so much contentment and joy and honestly makes life easier for everyone! However, even if you know nothing about Montessori or have no interest, I promise you will still find practical uses for a learning tower. I don’t know about you but the times when my daughter seems to need me the most or just absolutely needs me to hold her seem to always be when I’m trying to cook a meal in the kitchen. It can be frustrating! Introducing the learning tower has changed that tremendously!

Having a safe place for your toddler to be at counter height in your kitchen will provide so many opportunities for both of you. Allowing them to help you prepare a meal or even just stand near you while you prepare it lets them feel involved and let’s you get done what you need to! In addition to letting me be more productive in the kitchen, the best part of the learning tower is what it does for my daughter. From building confidence and motor skills to encouraging healthy eating habits and creating memories, the benefits of a learning tower are countless!

Little Partners Limited Edition Learning Tower

If you’ve ever looked into learning towers, there is a good chance you’ve come across the name Little Partners! Founded by mom and Montessori-trained educator, Carol Gamble, Little Partners created the Original Learning Tower. We received the Limited Edition learning tower and love it. Here are some of my favorite parts:

  • Adjustable levels to find the right height for your child and counter
  • Can be used starting from 18 months- not all learning towers can be, so be careful!
  • Removable side panels for added safety. We have them screwed on right now but when she can climb in and out on her own we will take them off.
  • Super sturdy with a tested weight limit of 500 pounds- I think we will be able to use it for at least a few more years 😉
  • Chalkboard on the back that also doubles as an easel with easel clips.
  • Easy to wipe down.
  • Beautifully made and matches well with out kitchen- definitely not an eye sore!

Our Favorite Learning Tower Activities

The possibilities really are endless but these are some of our favorite activities for the learning tower so far. Keep an eye out for some posts coming up in the next few weeks with more ways we use it!

  • Helping to make meals (dumping in pre-measured ingredients, stirring, etc.)
  • Water play at the sink or at the counter with a tray and bowls, measuring cups, etc. **By far Easton’s favorite!
  • Cutting up fruit or veggies for a snack! (We use this crinkle cutter tool )
  • Sensory play with kinetic sand, colored rice, etc.
  • Drawing or playing with play dough at the counter.
  • Baking!

We love our Little Partners Learning Tower and I know it will be used for many years to come!



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