Holiday Gift Guide for the Essential Oil Lover

Holiday Gift Guide for the Essential Oil Lover

There’s no doubt you know someone who is into essential oils these days, heck maybe it’s you.  And it isn’t any wonder why.  With the shift in many people’s mindsets to a healthier, more natural lifestyle, essential oils just make sense.  Used as an alternative to things like over the counter medicines, or toxic household cleaners, people are really seeing the value in them.  With hundreds (maybe thousands?) of different essential oils, there is literally one for everything.  From helping you sleep better to cleaning your house, they do it all.

So, we’ve already established the fact that you know someone who is an essential oil addict. They have their essential oils, which can do it all.  They have their diffuser (maybe even more than one.)  What else do they need?  What can you possibly get them for the holidays that they don’t already have?  I’ve come up with a list of ten gifts sure to light up the face on any essential oil lover this holiday season.  In fact, you may just want to join the oil loving bandwagon yourself after seeing them.

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  1. Essential Oil Synergy Blend Kit by Eden’s Garden- A great pack of “synergy blends” aka a few essential oils blended together. The packaging is so adorable, you won’t even have to wrap it!

2. Car Diffuser – Perfect for someone with a long commute!

3. Roller bottle kit – Comes with everything they’ll need to create their own roll on blends, even labels!
4. Fractionated Coconut Oil- Most essential oils should only be applied to the skin when mixed with a carrier oil of some sort, which can get messy, but this makes it a piece of cake!

5. Carrier Oil Stick – Perfect for traveling or on the go application of oils.

6. Essential Oil Locket Necklace- Love this idea for being able to enjoy the benefits of the oil with without have to apply it directly.
7. Bracelet- Same idea as above, but in bracelet form.

8. Case- I have this and it made keeping my oils organized so easy! It almost makes it easy to travel with them or just move them around the house as needed.
9. Essential Oil Pocket Reference- Tells you literally everything there is to know about which oils to use for what and is a convenient size to keep with you whenever you need it.

10. Wooden Essential Oil Box – A beautiful way to store oils in any room in the house!

Those are my top ten gifts for the essential oil lover in your life!  I know I’d be happy to receive any one of these!  What are your go to gifts for essential oil lovers?  

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