Hello Again, Old Friend.

Hello!  Ah it feels good to be back.  It has been over a year since I’ve posted ANYTHING!  Why, you ask?  Well let’s see, I started a new job teaching 4th grade again (yay!), got pregnant (double yay!) and had the sweetest baby girl just about 8 weeks ago!!  Then, I decided to open an Etsy shop selling handmade bows since I’ve enjoyed making them for Easton so much!  I guess it’s kinda funny that I’m starting back up the blog now that I have less free time than ever, but having my baby girl has renewed my excitement for trying new baby related recipes, natural remedies, etc. and sharing them with others.Here’s a maternity picture from this summer when we were still expecting.  A local photographer, Lindsey Welch took them along with Easton’s newborn pictures and we were so happy with them!

heart hands on belly maternity

And here’s one of our beautiful little girl (with a headband I made for her)!

newborn headband, baby headband

She’s been so alert since day one and all but refused to sleep during her newborn shoot.  She fell asleep for maybe 20 minutes out of the almost 2 hours we were there!  She’s already gotten the nickname “Monster” because she makes little growling noises all the time.  We can’t get enough of her!

Here’s one more from her first Halloween!
newborn Halloween Picture

Anyway, I’m happy to be back and am really looking forward to posting some recipes and DIY projects along with some new baby related things as well!


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