Getting Pregnant Naturally

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Getting Pregnant Naturally

My History

Although I talk a lot on my blog about my daughter, I haven’t really talked much about my pregnancy. However, before and during the time I was pregnant, I relied on other blogs. I looked for ways to get pregnant easily and naturally as well as live a natural lifestyle while pregnant so that I’d be giving my daughter the best possible start in life! My mom and sisters all got pregnant easily, so although I didn’t expect to have fertility issues, I didn’t want to take any chances. I wanted to do everything I could so I could get pregnant without stress and I was very fortunate to get pregnant in just a few months.

I’ll never know what it was that allowed me to get pregnant quickly. However, there were several things I did beforehand in order to prepare my body. It sounds weird, but I wanted to make sure my body was conducive to becoming pregnant. While some people might want to just “let nature take its course” I prefer to take preemptive action. Here are some of the things I did in the months leading up to when I got pregnant so that I was able to get pregnant naturally and easily.


Getting Pregnant Naturally

Prenatal Vitamin

One piece of information I kept seeing in my research was to start taking a prenatal vitamin in the months leading up to when you want to get pregnant.  I started taking a whole foods, organic prenatal vitamin several months before I became pregnant. The reasoning behind this is that you want your body to be as healthy as possible and start getting the vitamins and minerals it will need once you become pregnant. It is also believed to help prevent serious birth defects or preterm delivery and could even minimize morning sickness. Unfortunately, it did not help with my terrible morning sickness but I did feel better knowing that my body was getting the vitamins it needed before it would need to start providing nutrients for a growing baby as well.


This is obviously easier said then done but try to relax! I have heard so many stories of people who had trouble conceiving only to “take a break” from trying and then magically get pregnant! For me, this meant a lot of self care like yoga and baths and special date nights with my husband.

Fuel Your Body

I’m always been pretty conscious about the types of foods I eat, but while trying to conceive, it is especially important to be aware of what goes in your body. By focusing on eating plenty of fruits and veggies, as well as protein and limiting refined sugar and caffeine, (which was probably the hardest thing to do) I felt so good! I also tried to eat organic as much as possible. Of course I also indulged in treats plenty too. Everything in moderation, that’s always been my moto!

Get Active

I’ve never been big on working out so I stuck with what I enjoyed! For me, it was daily walks with our dog and yoga a few times a week. Just enough to keep my body feeling good.

Extra Measures-The Stork OTC

Sometimes, your body might need just a little bit more than eating right, exercising and taking prenatal vitamins. We are so lucky that we live in a time and age where couples don’t have to struggle with infertility in silence and without resources! One such amazing resource is The Stork OTC. It is designed to help couples get pregnant without having to resort to expensive doctor visits or procedures. To be used in the comfort of your own home, The Stork can help maximize your chances of conceiving naturally, without medical intervention.

The Stork OTC can be purchased online or from many of your favorite retailers like Target for $59.99. It is perfect for couples who have tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant. This is especially true if you may suspect the issue to be related to the male partner. Because it is available without any prescription, you will not need to go through the added stress of seeking out medical help, if it may not be necessary.

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