Expecting Mama Care Package with Sea Band Mama

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Sea-Band Mama

As someone who dealt with pretty bad morning sickness for more than half of my pregnancy I tried a whole slew of tricks and supposed cures. A care package full of all-natural products to help ease my nausea without harmful side effects would have been a very welcome gift while I was pregnant! Luckily, for all the mamas out there who will go through the same thing, Sea-Band has come out with just that! A line of natural and safe products just for expecting moms, Sea-Band Mama!

My Morning Sickness

Like I mentioned, I tried a lot of different remedies to try and ease my morning sickness nausea. Because I was teaching while I pregnant, it was really hard to go about my day as usual when I was feeling so sick. I was desperate! In the end, the magic cures for morning sickness that I came across in my research just didn’t live up to the hype. My morning sickness got so bad at one point in my pregnancy that I ended up having to go in to urgent care for an IV due to dehydration and take prescribed anti-nausea medication for several weeks until my symptoms subsided.

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like taking prescribed or even over the counter medicine unless I absolutely need it. Yes, there is definitely a time and place for modern medicine, but when you are carrying such precious cargo, you need to be so careful about what you are exposing yourself and your little one to. I am thankful for the anti-nausea medicine I was able to take and it did help, but given the chance to relieve my nausea without having to put drugs into my body,  I would chose the latter in a heartbeat!

All Natural Nausea Relief for Pregnancy

Sea-Band Mama’s line of natural nausea relief is truly awesome. The Sea-Band brand is known for their nausea relieving products using only the power of accupressure. These tiny bands that resemble thin sweat bands are worn around the wrists and when positioned correctly, put pressure on The Nei-Kuan Point on the inside of your wrist, providing drug free nausea relief. In one study, 70 percent of expecting moms who wore a Sea-Band during pregnancy had reduced morning sickness and related nausea.

Although I’m not currently pregnant or suffering from morning sickness, I tried out the Sea-Bands and they were very comfortable to wear! I actually forgot I was wearing them. Plus, the Sea-Band Mama line includes a rollette made with ginger, spearmint and lime essential oils and ginger lozenges with folic acid. Both are natural, drug-free and totally safe ways to help aid in the relief of your morning sickness. The rollette smells very pleasant and calming and can be easily taken on the go and applied to the chest, temple or wrists. I gave the lozenges a taste as well and even though I typically steer away from ginger flavored candy, I thought they had a nice flavor. Ginger has long been known to be effecting in combating nausea and honestly sucking on hard candy was one of the only things besides the medicine that helped to keep my nausea at bay while I was pregnant!


Expecting Mama Care Package

After getting to check out the new Sea-Band Mama line of products for expecting moms, I knew that they would be perfect for a care package! The products are available at CVS pharmacy,
Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and many other drug stores and pharmacies, as well as Amazon. Even if you don’t suffer from bad morning sickness, most expecting moms feel a little queasy from time to time and could benefit from some natural relief. I know I would have really appreciated this set when I was pregnant and I can’t wait to gift it to the next friend of mine that is expecting! It is so simple to put together and yet it can be so helpful for someone dealing with morning sickness! I put the products in a mason jar with some crinkle paper and it made for the cutest little gift! Because doesn’t everything look a little cuter in a mason jar?!


I’m always excited to learn about natural products that can be used to replace common medications and I know I will definitely be turning to Sea-Band Mama the next time I am expecting! Plus, Sea-Band makes anti-nausea wrist bands for the whole family, because from road trips to sea sickness, everyone can use a little nausea relief sometimes. So, even if you aren’t pregnant, Sea-Band has you covered the next time you need natural tummy help!

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