DIY Entryway Coat Closet Makeover

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Ok, there’s the lovely after picture of our entryway coat closet makeover.  Now, brace yourself for the ugly before picture.  It was bad.  Really bad.


We were so fed up with how bad our coat closet looked that we decided to finally do something about it!  DIY time! All it took was some Pinterest inspiration and a trip to Home Depot and we were saying goodbye to having to dig around in the bottomless pit for our shoes every time we left the house!  It’s been a few weeks now and the closest is still super functional and it still looks nice too.
The most important things we wanted in a closet were shelves for shoes (because the flimsy rack we had just wasn’t cutting it) and plenty of hooks for our coats.  We also thought it would be nice to have shelving on top to take advantage of the tall space, so we threw that in there too.  The nice thing about this project is that we had to do very little work at home, because I had the boards pre cut for free at Home Depot and the board we used for the coat hooks was already primed.

Here’s a list of the materials:
– three 12 x 36 in shelf boards (can’t remember the type of wood, but are specifically for shelves and found in the lumber section)
– 5 in wide preprimed board (cut into 3 pieces to use for screwing coat hooks into)
– 2 x .5 in board (cut into 4 pieces to use as supports for the shoe shelves)
– white paint (used to paint all wood, leftover from earlier project)
– gray paint (used for painting closet, leftover from earlier project)
– 6 coat hooks
– wood screws and anchors for where there weren’t any studs
We also used 3 wire bins from Walmart to store all of our winter gear in.
I think the instructions are pretty self explanatory based on the materials and the pictures.  Overall, this project was so simple and I can’t get over how much better it looks!  What do you think?!



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