Eco-Friendly, Natural and Minimalist Toddler Gift Guide

eco friendly gifts for toddlers

Nothing makes me more exited around the holidays than finding the perfect gift! It can be easy to get carried away and want to buy literally *all the things* especially for my daughter. However, I try really hard to be intentional about each and every gift I buy. Will it be something that will actually be used? Is it practical? And more and more I’ve been asking myself, has it been responsibly made? As well as, is it environmentally-friendly? Is it totally safe and healthy to use?

All these products will make perfect gifts for any toddler in your life this holiday season. I consider them all to be eco-friendly, natural or fit into a “minimalist” lifestyle, meaning less is more and everything must have a purpose!

My Picks!

  1. ChunkaBuns Organic Pants

Oh my goodness these pants are amazing! If you cloth diaper, you know it can be a struggle to find pants that fit comfortably over the “fluff butt”. These pants are nice and roomy but that’s not all. In addition to being made in the USA, and out of organic cotton, they grow with your child! The unique way they are sewn allows the pant legs to be extended as your child grows, and the waistband is super stretchy. My daughter who is 15 months is currently wearing the 9-24 month size on the smallest leg setting so I know she will be able to wear these for a looong time! I love that I will be able to get so much use out of one pair of pants! Plus they come in adorable patterns and colors! A perfect stocking stuffer for a fluff butt in your life!

2. Klee Naturals Body Products for Little Girls

If you have a little girl, you will love Klee Naturals! Natural, non-toxic and paraben free, all of their body products are created especially for girls! Parents will be happy that they can trust what is inside the products and little girls will love the whimsical, colorful designs! Plus, it’s manufactured only in the US and Canada. We’ve tried the shampoo and conditioner now that Easton’s hair is actually coming in and we love it! I may or may not have stolen some to use on my own hair! They also have the cutest line of play make-up, which is all totally safe for little cheeks and lips! I can’t wait until Easton is a little older and I can get her some!

3. Green Toys Stacking Cups

I’ve mentioned Green Toys before and I’ll mention them again because I love them! Not only are they made in the USA out of recycled materials, but they are perfect for parents who want to keep toys to a minimum. They stack neatly inside each other, are pleasing to look at and can be used in so many ways! I love toys that inspire imagination and can be used in more than one way. Play with them in the bath, stack them to build a tower hide little figures underneath them. The possibilities are endless!

4. Re-Play Recycled Snack Stack

Re-Play Recycled products are another product we use a lot in my house! Just like Green Toys, I love that they are made in the USA out of recycled materials and they are all so cute! I’m a sucker for pretty colors and OMG all their stuff comes in THE cutest colors! Snack stacks are a perfect toddler gift for carrying their snacks on-the-go. You can carry just one pod, or attach a few together to carry several different snacks at once. My daughter also likes putting just about anything in them and screwing the top on and off. Hours of free entertainment right there! Just kidding…kinda!

5. Honey Sticks Natural Crayons 

My toddler has just started to figure out coloring and she loves it! Unfortunately, she also finds it equally enjoyable to try and eat the crayons. For the times when the crayons makes it into her mouth before I can swat it away, it’d be nice for the crayon to at least be 100 percent natural and non-toxic like Honey Sticks!

Some more ideas:

What’s on your toddler’s Christmas list this year?!

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  1. Holly, my daughter attends a Steiner school where they really encourage parents to go for toys which encourage imaginative play, like these…

    This is a great little round-up article!


    1. Hi there! That is great! I love simple, beautiful toys that encourage imagination! I haven’t heard much about Steiner schools. I will have to learn more about them!

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