Easy Living Room Update On a Budget

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Springtime always seems to mean it’s time for one thing – spring cleaning. But sometimes, even when the cleaning is done, your living space still needs an update or a refresh and that’s exactly what I decided after my living room was cleaned, but still felt dark and dingy. Thankfully, with just a little change and some help from Home Dynamix, it was an easy update with a big impact and could totally be done on a budget!

Out With The Old

The Before Picture

Ok, I know it’s not THAT bad, but after you see how much better this space looks now, you’ll see why this before picture of our living room makes me cringe a little. We spend so much time in this area. We’ve had this rug for over 5 years! We got it right after moving into our home and it’s survived our rescue dog being brought home as a puppy and our daughter’s first 2.5 years of life. Even though this picture might not show it, this rug has see better days and has a spot or two to to prove it.

Even after a thorough spring cleaning of our living room, it just screamed “bleh” to me. I knew I wanted desperately to update this space that we spend so much of our time in, but with a new baby on the way, I didn’t really want to spend all that much on it. So, I began to think about what simple ways I could remedy the space and keep it functional, but also brighten it up and update it.

Easy Ways to Update a Living Room

Home Dynamix Rug

The first thing that had to go was the rug! I knew I wanted something that would be durable and withstand dogs, babies, toddlers, etc. We are a family that actually LIVES in our living room. That means that sometimes snacks or sticky toddler hands might make their way into the living room. But in addition to a rug that could be tough enough, we needed a rug that was also soft and pretty. It needed to be able to make this space look better! Plus, it shouldn’t break the bank. Although a rug is going to cost more than some other home decor, it’s going to be an investment. This is a piece that needs to be able to withstand more wear and tear than your average home decor item, so it makes sense you are going to want to make sure the quality is great.

Home Dynamix offers a HUGE array of rugs and it was hard to choose which one I thought would be perfect for our space. They come in so many sizes and styles, you are guaranteed to find one that will work for your space. The one I ended up choosing is from their Melrose line and is available via one of their online retailers, SoHome Market here! I am so happy with how this rug has totally updated our living space! It has really brightened up the whole room and makes the perfect space for playing, reading or just hanging out together as a family. We truly love it!

Home Dynamix Melrose Area Rug

A Coupon Code!!

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Other Easy Updates

I was so pleased with how our new Home Dynamix rug transformed our living room that I decided to make another simple update to the space. Just by switching out a few of our pillows, the space was brightened up even more. It was another way to refresh the space that would be easy to do on almost any budget!

Other ways to easily update your space without spending a ton are:

  • a fresh coat of paint
  • new throw blanket or other small decor items
  • new lighting fixtures
  • new window treatments

In With the New

I think it’s easy to tell from these pictures just how much something as simple as a rug can update your living room or any room in your house for that matter! Is there a room in your house that needs an update?!

The After Pictures

Home Dynamix Rug Living Room Area Rug
Living Room Update New Area Rug
Durable living room rug for children
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