How to Make Healthy, Organic Eating Easy for Parents and Kids

how to make healthy eating easy

This blog post has been sponsored by Green Valley Foods. All opinions and content remains my own.

Eating healthy, well-balanced and organic meals didn’t used to be so hard to do. I’m pretty sure it became about a million times harder right about the time they placed my newborn daughter in my arms! Ok, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration but eating healthy becomes so much more difficult when you are a parent. Something about the lack of sleep, lack of time, and lack of patience I think… Why is it that the worst foods are typically the easiest to eat? What gives? The problem is, not only is eating healthy food important for us as parents, it’s even more important for our precious, growing little ones. The good news is, more and more healthy options are becoming available to us every day, like all the choices at Green Valley Organics. With products like these and a few simple changes, you can begin eating better as a family!

Green Valley Organic

Green Valley’s mission is to give families access to healthy & organic foods that they can easily incorporate into their meals everyday. With a lineup consisting of organic beans, veggies, and rice, their foods make a great addition to any meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack. With a focus on affordable, organic products for all, you can trust Green Valley Organic foods for even the littlest (and pickiest) diners at your table. Not only do they sell a wide variety of great organic veggies and foods, but they provide parents with something they need more than anything – convenience!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought bags of fresh or frozen vegetables that have gone partially to waste. Although we eat meals together as a family as often as we can, sometimes life just doesn’t allow for it. This leaves me struggling to make sure my toddler is getting nutritious foods, as well as my husband and I, without making 10 different meals. Sometimes you just need a single serving of vegetables that doesn’t require a lot of prep work.  Green Valley Organics has solved this problem! Their single serving vegetable cups are perfect for toddlers and kids and busy families. Their perfectly sized portions of peas, green beans and corn come in packs of 4 and bursting with flavor and nutrients essential to your little one’s diet.

green valley organics vegetable cups

Toddler and Parent Approved

My kid has been known to be quite the picky eater. It can be so challenging as a parent to find foods that she likes and will eat. I have to say I was a little shocked how much she loved Green Valley Organics vegetable cups! The veggie cups, which can be popped in the microwave for 30 seconds or enjoyed at room temperature, are just the right size for kids. I just peeled off the lid, drained the water and handed a cup to my daughter and she started snacking right away! I think the individual sized portion and portability of the cup really appealed to her!

Green Valley Organic vegetable cups are perfect for just about anytime you want your kids to get some nutrient packed veggies into their diet. Whether you pack them in their lunch box, take them on the go or just use them at home, they will make eating healthy easier for your family. With little to no prep work involved, you can spend less time prepping and cooking food and more time sitting down and enjoying quality time with your little ones. Plus, one serving of each of the three varieties provides nutrients that are so important for growing bodies!

No matter which Green Valley Organics single-serve vegetable cups your kids choose, they will be getting a delicious and nutritious addition to their meal or snack and as their parent, you can worry a little less!

More Tips for Eating Healthy as Family

Grabbing some Green Valley Organics products to have on hand is a great start to helping your family live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve come up with a few other tips and suggestions that are easy to implement with your family as well!

Plan ahead!

I know this is WAY easier said than done but I promise it is so worth it! Without fail, when I don’t come up with some kind of general outline of what meals we will eat for the next two weeks we end up ordering carry-out or eating junk. When I spend just 20 min or so each weekend coming up with a schedule and making a grocery list, we do so much better! A well stocked kitchen full of healthy choices and snacks like Green Valley veggie cups will make you so much more likely so make healthy choices. I promise!

Get Your Kids Involved

Help get your kids excited about eating healthy by involving them in the process. Let them help you pick out some new recipes to try from the Green Valley website or take a quick browse on Pinterest. Then, let them help you make the recipes! My daughter LOVES helping in the kitchen! Her learning tower helps make it easy and safe for both of us during the process and doing some prep work before she gets involved also makes things run more smoothly. She always wants to snack on the healthy ingredients as we go and she gets so excited to taste what we’ve made together when it’s finished!

organic, healthy meal for toddlers

Make Healthy Food Accessible

One thing I’ve learned about kids when it comes to eating is that they actually are much more intuitive when it comes to their bodies than we are as adults! When we step back a little and let them do their thing, they are much better at regulating their eating and knowing what their bodies need than we are as adults for the most part. One way we can help encourage them to stay in tuned to their bodies needs is to make it easier for them to fulfill these needs. My daughter has a healthy snack basket that she has full access to in our kitchen. I fill it with a variety of healthy snack choices, including Green Valley Organics veggie cups and she knows that if she is ever hungry or needs a snack, she can go pick something out. You can also make a spot or basket in the fridge with healthy choices that need to stay chilled, like cheese sticks, fruits and more. It may be a learning process for both of you to make this work, but it will be worth it when they choose to eat healthy foods all on their own!

I hope I’ve given you some helpful, easy ways you can help your family get on the right track to make healthier choices when it comes to eating! It is not something that always comes easy and we may make mistakes from time to time but it is such an important thing to teach our kids about! When we teach them to make healthy food choices, we are laying the foundation for a life of nurturing and caring for their bodies!

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