Easy Halloween Games to Play at Home

Ever heard the expression, “Don’t play with your food!”? Well, you might need to make an exception for these easy Halloween games you can play at home, because they all use food! More specifically, they all use Mini Babybel® cheese, which you can get at Target. Because we all need another excuse to go there, am I right?!

easy halloween games

I loved Mini Babybel cheese as a kid and I still love it as an adult! There’s something so nostalgic about unwrapping the red wrapper and opening the wax with the little tab. They are perfect when I need a little protein pick-me-up and I love that they are 100% real, natural dairy. My daughter and husband love them too.

Easy Halloween Games to play at home

When I saw the adorably spooky Halloween designs on the Mini Babybel, the Halloween lover and former teacher in me squealed with joy! I knew they’d make for the cutest little Halloween game pieces. They are perfect for a class party at school, a Halloween party at your home or even just for a fun way to celebrate with your family at snack time!

Easy Halloween Games to play at home


This spooky Tic-Tac-Toe is so simple to throw together and kids will love it! All I did was draw a Tic-Tac-Toe board on a piece of paper an pick out two spooky Babybel characters.

Other ideas for easy Halloween games to play at home with your Babybel:

  • Memory (turn them over and flip over two at a time trying to make a pair)
  • Make up a story as a family using each different spooky character
  • See how many you can stack to build a tower before it falls overEasy Halloween Games to play at home

These spooky Halloween Mini Babybel cheeses will help make snack time fun again for you and your family this October. Check out other great recipes and tips from Babybel  here and go pick up some up at Target today, where they will be on sale all month long! Lasting memories will be made and you won’t regret playing with your food!

Easy Halloween Games to play at home

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  1. What a cute idea!!! I am going ot have to check these out at Target. The kids will definitley love the game and I think they’ll be more apt to try the cheese with the fun packaging!

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