Easter Basket Ideas for a Toddler Girl

I don’t know about you, but I’m so glad Easter is early this year! It has been a long winter where I live and we are itching for spring to get here. It’s been nice to get excited about Easton’s Easter basket as a distraction from the drab weather. I may have gone a little overboard this year, but this toddler phase has been a lot of fun now that she is really starting to gravitate toward certain things and develop her own little personality. I hope you can take away some good ideas from my list for your own toddler girl’s Easter basket!

Easter Basket Ideas for a Toddler Girl

  1. Prim and Pure Nail Polish – If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post about this amazing, kid and toddler safe nail polish. I will only use nail polishes on myself that are free from the chemicals found in most traditional polish, so of course I want something just as safe for my baby! This polish, made with a fruit and vegetable base, works just like real polish but is safe and an be washed or peeled off so no need for harsh polish remover! Plus, it comes in super cute colors!
  2. Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs These eggs are going to be such a hit with Easton! They are perfect for shape and color matching, fine motor skills and make fun little squeaking sounds.
  3. Unicorn Purse – How adorable is this purse?! My daughter loves copying what I do and she loves packing and unpacking bags.
  4. Sidewalk Chalk – We are so anxious to get outside when the weather warms up! Who doesn’t love drawing with sidewalk chalk?
  5. Insulated Water Bottle – Have I mentioned how anxious we are for warmer weather and to get outside?!
  6. Hair Bows – Of course I needed to add some bows in there! These are from a mama friend’s shop and it always feels good to support a mama owned business!
  7. Burt’s Bees PJs – We love these pjs! They are so buttery soft and they are organic cotton. Plus, they come in adorable patterns!

Let me know which Easter basked ideas for a toddler girl you loved and have a wonderful time celebrating with your little ones!

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  1. I am so excited for my baby boy’s first Easter! I will definitely be looking into the squeaky eggs and pjs! I’ll be sharing this along to my sisters for their little girls’ baskets, great ideas. 🙂

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