DIY Rustic Chalkboard

I’ve been wanting a chalkboard in my kitchen for so long!  In addition to the picture ledges in our living room, it’s another fun way to change decor in the house for the seasons or holidays.  So, when I found out that Home Depot carries little 2 x 4 mdf chalkboards in their lumber section, I was so excited to get started!  This chalkboard was so easy and you can customize it to whatever size you might want.  I ended up cutting a foot of length off my board for a 2 x 3 ft chalkboard but you could also leave it as is  too.  I’m still working on my chalkboard writing skills but it really has been the perfect little addition to our kitchen and I can’t wait to keep changing it for each season.  
The only supplies I needed for this project were:

– 2 ft x 4 ft mdf chalkboard sheet (and jigsaw or other saw for cutting if you want a different size)
– enough pine molding or other lightweight wood trim piece to go all the way around your chalkboard (I needed 10 ft for my 2 x 3 ft chalkboard)
– wood glue
– sawtooth hangers
– 4 melding plates (optional)

First I cut my chalkboard and frame pieces down to size using our jigsaw for the chalkboard and a mitre  box and saw for the frame pieces.  Each frame piece should be cut with 45 degree angles pointing in.  Draw yourself a picture so you make sure you are doing it right – that’s what I did!  
I don’t have a picture of it, but next I used leftover wood stain in dark walnut to stain each of the frame pieces.  You will only need to do the tops and sides.  Then, I “primed” my chalkboard by rubbing a piece of chalk all over it sideways, so that the first things I drew on it wouldn’t be there forever!  Then I erased this using a chalkboard eraser, but you could also use a magic eraser (dry) if you don’t one. 
Next, I applied wood glue to corners of piece, attached them, and let them sit for a few hours.  Then, I applied wood glue to the back of the entire frame piece and placed it on top of the chalkboard.  I then placed several paint cans on top of the wood to help keep it from bowing as it dried.  It was ready by the next day for me to attach the melding plates and sawtooth hangers to the back. 
And that’s it!  I really love how it looks above our reclaimed buffet table we snagged from my in-laws when they were moving (circa Walmart 1990 something!)  What do you think?  đź™‚

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