DIY Felt Christmas Tree

I remember seeing a DIY Felt Christmas tree like this one several years ago before I was even pregnant and thinking how cute it was! I have fond memories of playing with felt story boards when I was in preschool. They are so simple and require so few supplies but kids are always so entertained with them! They are the ultimate battery-free toy! Yay for imagination!


Another great thing about these DIY Felt trees…they just might help deter a mischievous toddler from messing with the actual Christmas promises though! I’ve had ours up for a week or two now and we’ve been making a big deal about it. I’m hoping when we get our actual tree, we can remind her how fun hers is and she won’t do too much damage. We’ll see how that goes!

What You’ll Need

  • 1-1.5 yards of green felt (depending on how tall you want to make it!)
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • colored felt for ornaments and presents
  • hot glue
  • chalk (or something else to draw on the felt with)
  • marker (not pictured)

How to Make Your DIY Felt Tree

After folding my felt in half, I used the chalk to free hand the outline of the tree. Obviously, I had to try a couple of times before I got it right! As you can tell from the monitor, this was a nap time DIY 😉

Next, I cut out the tree and unfolded it before using the masking tape to attach it to attach it to the wall.

Using a glass, I traced and cut out some circular ornaments. Next, I freehanded another shape by googling “ornament clip art” and looking at the image results. I know, really technial. Not really sure what the shape is called but it looks like an ornament! lol

After cutting out the ornaments, I used leftover felt pieces to make the presents which I thought were an adorable touch! I hot glued little pieces on them to be the ribbon and they are so darn cute. I also cut out a star for the top from some yellow felt I had. For reference, my tree is almost exactly 3 ft tall and I think it’s the perfect height for my daughter!

So Fun!

My daughter who is just about 15 months really does love her felt tree. We keep all the pieces in a little basket next to it and she has a blast arranging all the pieces. How cute is she?! I just love celebrating the holidays with a little one around! It really is the best! What fun holiday activities do you have in store for your little ones?

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