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Date Night In Boxes

A few months ago I wrote about how it IS possible to have a fun date night while having a toddler and without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Yes, that’s right, you can have date night without having to pay for a babysitter or getting out of your sweat pants (unless you want to!)

I was lucky enough to receive and review a Winter Wonderland themed date night box from Night In Boxes in December and in February we were able to try out the Story Of Us box! That’s one of the things I love about these boxes by the way, super fun themes each month! All of the activities tie in some how and who doesn’t a good theme?

The Story of Us

Ok, on to the box! As I already mentioned, the theme of the box for February was “The Story of Us.” Because you think of Valentine’s Day when you think of this month, I thought the theme was perfect! Romantic but not too much of the Valentine’s vibe, which was good for us since we ended up not being able to do it until after the holiday.

Each box comes with a little guidebook which walks you through the steps of the date night and what to do for each activity. It also includes other helpful info like where to find the accompanying dinner menu and music playlist they recommend pairing with the date night. For each activity, it lists the materials you will need (which are included for the most part!) and what to do. The Story of Us box had three activities for us to complete on our date night!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

In order to complete the last part of our date night which you’ll read about in a moment, we were challenged to use a disposable camera (which side note- wow, blast from the past!) to create photos that represented different parts of our love story together. While it was definitely a challenge to come up with some of the photos, I loved that it required us to be creative and problem solve together! That’s not exactly something you get the opportunity to do on a dinner and a movie date!

Making Chocolate Oreo Cake Pops

You know I love desserts and baking so this was my favorite part of the date night! On our last date night in we got to decorate a sugar cookie and this was just as fun and delicious! We accidentally ate all of them before getting a chance to take a photo of the finished product, whoops! I love how all the ingredients were included too and it required such minimal prep work! Baking/treat making is something I usually do by myself so it was really fun to get to do it with my husband.

Create The Story of Us

This was the culminating activity for our date night in. Using the prepared booklet, we were to create the story of us! We can get so caught up in the present and the future sometimes, especially as young (ish) parents that is nice to talk about and relive our past memories that we’ve made together! I love how we got to get creative and be a little artistic. Again, something you won’t be able to do on most date nights out!


Making Memories

I really enjoyed getting to have another date night in with my husband with The Story of Us box! We had a great date night without getting a babysitter, making reservations or paying too much to sit in a crowded theater and see an ok movie. Instead, we created new memories together by remembering and reminiscing about old memories and it was a lot of fun!

If you are ready to start having easy date nights in you can check out how to order your first one here!



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