Freshly Picked Moccasins: The Best Shoes for Baby

  On the Move

From the time my daughter was born until she was about nine months old, she was barefoot 99% of the time. We’d put socks or booties on her feet to keep them warm and she’d immediately try to take them off. Sometimes I’d put little soft soled shoes on her if I was dressing her up in a cute outfit. However, more often than not she was barefoot. Then, she started “cruising” and walking while holding our hands and I knew that would need to change! I didn’t want her accidentally stepping in or on something when we were out and about, but I wanted to let her move around and explore!

She actually took her very first steps a bit unexpectedly at 10 1/2 months! She was starting to push herself up to standing pretty regularly so I knew it would probably be within the next few weeks, but I wasn’t really expecting it to happen yet. One day my mom had dropped by for lunch and we were playing with Easton in our living room. My mom and I were busy talking, while Easton pulled herself up onto our ottoman that is in the middle of the room. Then, out of nowhere she turned toward me with her arms outstretched and took six or seven steps right into my arms! It caught me so off guard! She was so excited and had the biggest smile like she knew she had just done something amazing. I’ll never forget it. My mom has actually been there for the first steps of a few of the grand kids, so she likes to think she is good luck!

Free to Run

Since that day she has been constantly on the move! Now at almost 13 months she is practically running! She’s my little whirling dervish and is always looking for the next thing she can get into. So, whenever we leave the house I have to put something on her feet. Even though she still lets me wear her or push her in a stroller, she often wants to get down to explore. It’s no longer an option to leave the house with her being barefoot. She needs to wear something that will protect her little feet!

The thing is, babies feet really shouldn’t be in sneakers or hard soled shoes while they walk. This includes any shoes that keep their feet confined. All of these things can interfere when they are learning to balance and walk. Ideally, kids (and adults) should be barefoot all of the time but obviously that is not practical in our modern world! So, the next best thing to being barefoot would be a shoe that is soft and flexible, but also provides protection at the same time. Luckily, a baby shoe like that actually exists, and they’re called Freshly Picked Moccasins!

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins

I got Easton a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins as soon as she started standing and we soon added a pair to our collection because they are seriously the cutest! They come in a ton of colors and patterns and styles. My personal favorite is the Mary Jane style in platinum because it is so sweet and goes with everything. And they aren’t just for baby girls! Baby boys can totally wear them too! They have lots of neutral and “boy” colors and patterns! Other fun prints I’ve had my eye on are the flamingo and the leopard. I’m not ashamed to say I wish they made some in my size!

While all the adorable options really are great, the best thing about Freshly Picked is that they don’t interfere with how babies’ feet are shaped or meant to grow. They allow those little toes to stretch out and move and aren’t restricting but they still provide protection. They easily slip on and off and the elastic keeps them on snug while not being too tight. They’ve never slipped off and Easton hasn’t even attempted to pull them off, which I’d say is a pretty good sign that they are comfy and aren’t bothersome to little feet.

These sweet moccasins really are the perfect shoes for a baby’s first steps! I adore the pairs we have for Easton and how cute they look on her! Most importantly, I love that they are soft and flexible and allow little feet to explore, climb, crawl, run and play all while keeping them safe and protected.

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