Baby Eczema and Dry Skin Relief the Natural Way

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Baby Eczema and Dry Skin

One of the sweetest things about newborn babies is their soft, delicate skin. You just can’t resist kissing it! So, of course we want to protect it! In order to do this, I knew I’d want to use natural soaps and organic fabrics and protect it from the sun. However, I didn’t anticipate just how sensitive baby skin really is. Turns out baby eczema and dry skin is extremely common. My daughter had it from pretty early on and almost every new mom I’ve talked to reports that their baby had eczema or dry skin to some degree as well.

What to Do

So, chances are, your baby probably has had, does have, or will have dry skin at some point. They may even have eczema, a more severe form of dry skin. If you think your baby does have eczema, it is important to check with your doctor for a care routine, however there are also some things you can do in the mean time to help provide relief, naturally.

Rule Out Food Sensitivities/Allergies

Turns out, skin irritations, including eczema, can actually be a sign of a food sensitivity or allergy. In the early months of life, this is more of an issue with babies who are exclusively breastfed versus babies who eat formula, because they could be reacting to food their mother is eating. Some people believe a common trigger for baby eczema is dairy. If you are breastfeeding your baby you can try the elimination diet to determine if and what food may be causing the problem. Here is more detailed information on the elimination diet for eczema control.

Natural Moisturizing

One of the more obvious ways to provide relief is to keep the irritated skin moisturized with lotion. What is not so obvious is that many lotions out there, including baby lotions, may not really be good for your baby’s skin. In addition to providing temporary moisture, these lotions could contain synthetic chemicals and fragrances that may end up making the problem worse. We tried out some products from California Pure Natural’s baby line, including the Organic Baby Creamy Balm which does wonders on my daughter’s skin! Whenever we notice even the tiniest dry patch forming, it doesn’t take more than a few applications of the balm before her skin is 100% better! All of their baby products are certified organic and free from all the “bad stuff.” Perfect for a baby’s delicate skin.

Avoid Too Many Baths

Believe it or not, our daughter didn’t get her first bath until a week or so after she was born. Not only do babies not need to take a bath every day, it can actually exacerbate dry skin problems. Baby bodies work differently than adults’ and they don’t produce sweat and grease like we do, so there just really isn’t a need! This obviously changes after they start eating solids and getting more active, but limit baths to only when necessary and keep them short. Odd as it sounds, sitting in water can really dry out your skin!

Apply Breast Milk

Yep, that’s right. Add it to the very long list of all the amazing things breast milk can do! This stuff really is liquid gold. Dip a cotton ball in some then dab it on the dry skin patches on your baby’s skin. You can also add some to a bath, just keep it short – see above!

Baby eczema and dry skin can really be a pain to deal with, for you and especially your baby. Hopefully these suggestions can help you provide them with some relief, naturally!

Baby Eczema and dry skin relief the natural way



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