April Date Night In Box Review

  Date Night In

Before I heard about Date Night In boxes, my husband and I actually talked about trying to do date nights at home. We had good intentions, but it never happened.  Such is life as parents, right? That’s why when I came across these boxes, I knew they were going to be just what we needed! We have to do zero planning! They come, we decide a good night that we can do it and that’s it! Now, you can put a little more planning into them to realllllly bring it to the next level, but they even make that easy to do! They include dinner and drink ideas, how to set the mood and even a customized Spotify playlist. I love that you can enjoy a casual, easy date night or an all out affair, all from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve loved our past two Date Night In Boxes (which you can read about here and here) but I think this one has been my favorite so far! The theme was “Easy Like a Sunday Morning” which I thought was super clever and cute. There’s nothing quite like a lazy Sunday morning at home with a big, home-cooked breakfast, staying in our pjs until the afternoon and getting in some good, quality family time. So, I had high expectations for this date night box and it did not disappoint!

What Was In The Box?

Here’s a quick overview of the fun goodies that were in our date night box!

  • Tea Drops- I’ve never seen these before! All you do is drop them into your hot water and they dissolve, leaving you with a yummy cup of tea! Pretty neat.
  • Delicious mini waffles and the tiniest, cutest little bottle of real maple syrup I’ve ever seen.
  • Aromatherapy body wipes- scented with essential oils.
  • A “Sunday Paper” with all the date night activities. The best part was the Mad Libs game and fun and simple dice game!

Another Date Night Success!

I already mentioned that this Date Night In box was my favorite so far! I love how a simple thing like a Sunday morning can evoke such fond memories and this box really did a great job of highlighting that! These date night boxes have been such a good way for us to make sure we have zero excuses to get in at least one date night a month and I really appreciate that! It can be so easy for date night to get put off due to one thing or another but it’s always worth it when we can make time for it. Date Night In boxes are the easiest way to make that happen! I can’t wait for our next one!



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