About Me

Welcome to Holly-B-Baking!

I’m a wife, new mom and teacher who spends a lot of my free time making and baking things! This blog started as a way to document and share all the new recipes I was trying. It has grown to encompass the other passions in my life, like all things baby, natural living and DIY.

If you are wondering what the “B” is all about, my middle name is Breanna and my mom and grandma called me Holly B for short when I was little.  So, I came up with the name Holly-B-Baking as a tribute to the two women in my life who started my love for baking! Coincidentally, my married last name also begins with a “B”, so it just works!

 dsc_0269Me, my husband and our dog Lucy, our first born 😉


With our baby girl, Easton Louise.

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