DIY Paint Chip Art

The best things in life are free!  Or almost free in this case.  We are finishing the half bath rough-in that’s on the first floor of our townhouse.  We finished painting a few weeks ago and I was seriously proud of how it great it looks!  I’m glad our first painting project in our house was one wall in a half bath that probably measures about 10 x 6 feet.  Huge accomplishment there!  
Anyways, I got some cute hand towels from Home Goods that are yellow and figured a painting with a yellow color scheme would look good to hang above the toilet too.  I found some really pretty paintings on Etsy and Minted, but in the end I wasn’t loving any of them, or their price tags, and that was before getting a frame too.  Enter DIY Paint Chip Art.  For some reason I’ve always loved that section of paint chips in the home improvement stores. I used to snag a few every time I want with my parents as a kid.   I just liked them.  Guess I just like things that are monochromatic.  Which is why I thought the paint chips would make some good art.  
All I did was grab a bunch of yellow paint chips from the home improvement store, some glue dots, a circle craft punch and a piece of white card stock.  I punched a bunch of little circles out of different shades from the paint chips, then figured out how many circles I’d need to fit in the frame I got (at Target for like $10).  The hardest part was arranging the circles on the card stock evenly, but I just kind of eye-balled it.  I’m sure there is a more technical way of doing it but I’m not very technical.  Luckily, the Glue-Dots I got were the “poster” kind so I could actually move the paint chip circle if I needed to after I put it down.  
In the end, I spent next to nothing for a piece of art that I really love and am proud of.  I can’t wait to see how it looks when our half bath is all finished!!

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